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February 23, 2017
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March 8, 2017
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With me working part-time, and mostly evenings, my wife has been cooking.  I usually do the cooking because I love it.  She can cook, has always been able to cook – she just prefers my food to hers.

These past few weeks she has been making some amazing meals.  She is concentrating on eating clean, healthy meals. 

Last night she made Crispy Coconut Chicken.  She sent me the following pictures while I was at work. 


A picture of the ingredients. 


The finished plate.


The best part of this recipe is that you cook it all on a sheet pan together.  The vegetables are seasoned with sea salt and Grapeseed oil and roasted, bringing out more flavor.  The chicken breasts stayed really moist. 

She uses Grapeseed oil in her cooking.  It has no flavor but does have a high heat point.  It is a little more expensive than olive oil but the health benefits outweigh that.

She said in the future, when making this dish, she will season the chicken with my CK (Almost) Famous BBQ Rub.  The coconut is unsweetened and salt/pepper didn’t cut it for her.  Another thought she had was to brush the chicken with mustard before seasoning with the rub.


One Pan Crispy Coconut Chicken + Veggies

Makes 4 servings



2 red potatoes, cut into wedges

½ pound green beans or snow peas

½ pound broccolini or broccoli (she used broccoli)

10 baby bell peppers (she used one red bell pepper)

2 fresh garlic cloves, minced

3 Tablespoons avocado or olive oil (she used Grapeseed oil)

1 lb. chicken tenders (she used two boneless, skinless chicken breasts)

1 cup gluten-free flour, almond flour, or coconut flower

3 large free-range eggs (she used one egg as it was only 2 chicken breasts)

3 cups unsweetened shredded coconut flakes (she used 1-1/2 cups)

1 Tablespoon chili powder

1 teaspoon sea salt



Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

Place the chicken tenders in a bowl with 2 tablespoons oil, sea salt and chili powder. Mix to combine.

You will need 3 shallow dishes to coat the chicken tenders in.

Place the flour into one, whisked eggs with salt and pepper to taste in the second one and the third one is for coconut flakes.

Start by dipping each strip first in the flour, then egg, making sure to shake off any extra egg and finally crust it with the shredded coconut mixture.  Place the strip on a coconut oil greased/or line with parchment paper, baking sheet.  Repeat this till all the strips have been coated.

Place all the veggies in a bowl, drizzle with the remaining oil, salt, pepper and garlic and toss well to combine.

Add veggies evenly to the chicken tray.

Bake in the preheated oven for about 20-25 minutes until chicken strips are golden and cooked through.



You will note that even though the recipe calls for a certain item, like chicken tenders, you can use chicken breasts or thighs, you just adjust the cooking time to be sure the chicken is at 165 degrees internally. 

I do this a lot with recipes.  It depends on what veggies I have on hand, what meat is defrosted, etc.  Recipes are basically methods.  So use what you have and the same method as the recipe calls for.

Learning a method allows you to go through your refrigerator and pantry and decide what you have and the method will give you the way to put those items together.


Kids Corner

The recipes I chose for today have only 3 ingredients!  The younger children can get into the kitchen and get to cooking.  3 Ingredient Apple Juice Chicken and 3 Ingredient Chicken Thighs.  You can even pair these two recipes with other side dishes or use them as an after school snack.  Be sure to go to and click on Kids’ Corner.

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