What a week this was! Four days off in a row!

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March 30, 2017
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April 12, 2017
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What a week this was! Four days off in a row!


I have been missing my meat – we have been eating so many meatless meals – I decided to get in my favorites.

Trader Joe’s had a beautiful rack of lamb so I cut it down into double chops and grilled them.  I seasoned the chops with minced garlic, salt, pepper and balsamic.  I served it on top of lettuce, tomato and cucumber with a creamy peppercorn dressing.


My second meat dish was grilled steak with artichoke!  This was always our New Year’s Eve dinner.  I seasoned the steak simply with salt and pepper!  Of course there were leftovers which makes a great hash for breakfast!


Lastly, I made chicken fajitas!  I marinated the chicken in Mexican spices with orange juice and lime for a couple of hours.  I moved my cast iron griddle to the BBQ and grilled the chicken with onions, red pepper and green pepper.  My wife likes her onions browned so they went on first.  I served it with a slice of lime and avocado. 


So this coming week we are back to clean eating!  It was nice to take a little break but I have to admit I have enjoyed our mostly veggie meals.  I enjoy cooking the vegetables in different ways.  Steamed, sautéed, roasted or simply blanched and raw.

We will be preparing clean eating recipes we have never tried before.  Look forward to next week’s newsletter for those recipes!


Kids’ Corner

The recipes I have chosen for your children this week are for the younger chefs.  Sushi Surprise and Pita Nachos.  These would make great appetizers the young ones can serve at your next gathering.  Be sure to go to http://cookingwithchris.com and click on Kids’ Corner.

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