Wow! What a Week!!!

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June 14, 2017
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June 28, 2017
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Wow! What a Week!!!


My wife, Kathie, spent 10 days in California to attend the graduation of two of our grandsons.  She was able to spend 5 days with each of our two daughters living in CA as well as a day with her cousins.  She cooked Taco Salad for one of our grandsons as it is his favorite dish.  She cooked Mustard Pork Chops for our daughter as that is one of her favorite meals Kathie cooks.  She ate Mexican food twice, had bread and tortillas and many other things she is not used to eating.  We have been “eating clean” for 5 months now. 

While she was gone I worked nights, which worked out for me. 

When she got home she was determined to get back to clean eating. 

She went shopping at Trader Joes and got fresh clean food and set the menu.

There were beautiful Portabella mushrooms.  Since she doesn’t eat bread this was to be the “bun” for the burger. 

She seasoned the meat with CK (Almost) Famous BBQ Rub, Onion Powder and cut up a fresh onion to mix into the meat.

When I got home I grilled the Portabella, added Feta cheese and drizzled balsamic vinegar over top.  I put the grilled burger on and it was really good.  I didn’t miss the bun.  Fresh tomato and Avocado made it a very enjoyable experience.

She was going to bake zucchini fries but the day just got away from both of us. 


Our fridge was making a funny noise this week so we emptied it completely and unplugged it, per the advice of our fridge man.  That gave us the opportunity to take inventory, especially in the freezer.  Now we have a list of what we have so all of our meals will be based around what we already have, just adding our fresh produce. 

The fridge is clean, reloaded and the meal plan set for the next 7 days!  We never had meal planning as part of our shopping.  Now that we are eating clean we need to so we have all of our fresh ingredients on hand for the meals we plan to make.  And to save money we buy ONLY what we will be eating.  At the end of the week we need to buy more.  Saves money and saves on food waste. 

We have a bench freezer in the garage, however, the only things loaded into this freezer in the house is what we will be using this week.


I have also found that we are spending far less money on groceries by eating clean.  Added bonus!

Now that we are “back in business” with our fridge, next week’s newsletter should have many more recipes for you to choose from.

Kids’ Corner

I chose a Super Sloppy Sandwich for kids.  These kids would need to be a little older to prepare it.  Be sure to go to and click on Kids’ Corner for the recipe.

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