Summer Salads

Very Tasty and Simple Summer Dishes
July 19, 2017
It’s still summer and it’s still grilling time.
August 2, 2017
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Summer Salads


Because I live in a warmer area I tend to grill all year long but something about summer makes me want to take a little more time and step it up a little to get the most flavors I can develop for each meal.

This salad takes a little more time but it is not hard to make and makes a great side dish for any great grilled dinner.


Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salad

This is such a great dish that can be served as a side dish for any summer cookout.  Served at room temperature or cooled this is a healthy light refreshing dish with sweet grilled corn and roasted peppers,  finished with rice vinegar, cilantro and fresh lime juice.


Although the orange peppers look like habanero peppers they are actually mini sweet bell peppers.


Serves 4 and can easily be doubled or tripled to serve larger group.


3 Ears of Fresh Corn on the cob – Husks Removed

1 Red Bell Pepper (For this dish I used several mini sweet peppers)

1 Yellow Pepper   (For this dish I used several mini sweet peppers)

1 Jalapeno Pepper

1 Can Black Beans – Thoroughly rinsed

½ Cup Loosely Packed Chopped Cilantro leaves and small stems

1 Lime cut in half – to be juiced

¼ Cup Rice Wine Vinegar – More to taste as necessary

¼ – ½ Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil or other oils like Avocado Oil – Plus more for grilling

Salt to taste starting with ½ tsp.



Pre-Heat the grill on high heat

Cover a small cookie sheet with aluminum foil for easy clean up and pour a small amount of oil onto it.

Place the vegetables in the pan and lightly coat them with the oil.

Place all of the vegetables, starting with the corn, directly on the high heat. Cook the corn about 4 minutes on each side until it is charred and the kernels are soft.  Cook the peppers until they start to char and move them to indirect heat until soft – a couple of minutes.  When done remove the peppers to the pan and continue to cook the corn until done and remove it to the pan.

Stand the corn up on a cutting board and use a sharp knife, cutting downward from the top, to remove the kernels from the cobs.  Cut the top off of the jalapeno and remove the stem and the seeds.  Chop all of the peppers together into small pieces.


Using a medium bowl, add the black beans and mix the rest of the roasted vegetables.  Season with salt and add the rice vinegar, lime juice and cilantro.  Mix it all together and taste to see if it needs more salt (it will), vinegar or lime juice.  Continue to taste it until the mixture is right.  This may take several tastes.

Serve this salad, as is, at room temperature or chill it in the refrigerator for later use.



We are trying to keep it healthy by having more fish in our diet.  My plan was to marinate and grill Mahi-Mahi but when I went to the freezer I found we had apparently used out last filets.  So I went to the next best thing which happened to be scallops which I marinated in soy, sesame oil and sesame seeds similar to the dish I did last week.

What was different this week was the healthy slaw I made using the broccoli slaw my wife had bought and made a simple healthy dressing for it with ingredients from our pantry and refrigerator.  This added crunch and a nice texture to the softer ingredients of the dish.

This was made on the fly and there really aren’t any measurements to provide. Just make it to taste as you go.

Broccoli Slaw


Store bought yogurt based Ranch Dressing (no sugar) – From the refrigerated section of the vegetable section

Crushed Pineapple

Sriracha Sauce

Salt and Black Pepper


In a small bowl combine the amount of Ranch dressing you want to use with a couple of tablespoons of crushed pineapple and a shot of Sriracha sauce to balance the sweetness of the pineapple. Season with salt and fresh black pepper and mix well.  Taste it and add more of the ingredients you think it needs.  You will love this with any meal.


Kids’ Corner

The White House asked children to make their favorite lunch.  This recipe is from a 9-year old and looks amazing.  I can’t wait to try it!  Be sure to go to and click on Kids’ Corner to get the recipe!




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