Make a restaurant quality sandwich for lunch on the cheap

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September 7, 2017
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Make a restaurant quality sandwich for lunch on the cheap


I was at my work the other day wondering what I was going to have for dinner as I was tired of the usual foods I normally get on my short break.

I was going by our seafood counter and noticed they had freshly steamed shrimp in little containers in the cooler department. They offered many different flavored spices they used for steaming including Louisiana, Cajun, Old Bay and just steamed with no seasoning and I thought why can’t I just make a quick sandwich out of one of these.  So I picked the Louisiana spice because it had some heat, and then walked by the bakery department and bought a ciabatta role.

I then chopped up the shrimp into large chunks and added a little mayo and mixed it up.  Next I pulled out the center bread of the ciabatta role to form a bowl and to have less bread and put the mixture inside and cut the sandwich in half.



The flavor was delicious and the whole sandwich cost less than $6.00.  I thought why can’t we all do this at home??  The store did all of the cooking and it took less than 5 minutes to put together.

Tell me this isn’t a restaurant quality sandwich.  Actually it was better tasting than most sandwiches I have had in good restaurants.

When I was young my mom would cook a very inexpensive cut of meat, a Beef Eye of Round Roast, on the BBQ.  Eye of Round is inexpensive because it is lean with no fat and can be very tough.  It comes from the hind quarter muscle which gets a lot of movement from walking, unlike a tenderloin (fillet) which gets no movement at all and is therefore very tender as implied by the name.

I wanted to duplicate her recipe where she inserted little pieces of garlic into the roast to add more flavor.



Cut the garlic into small pieces and using a sharp pointed knife cut little holes in the roast and insert the pieces of garlic.  You can even heavily salt the garlic before it is inserted to add more flavor. Then liberally season the meat a couple of hours before cooking with salt and pepper or with your favorite spices.  I, naturally, used my CK (Almost) Famous BBQ Rub.


Right before cooking it coat it with a neutral oil and place it on indirect heat on the grill and cover it, cooking it at about 350 dg until it reaches an internal temperature of 138 dg for medium rare.  This would be even better cooked on a rotisserie like my mom used to do.


Be sure to let it rest for at least 5 minutes before cutting it and then cut into thin slices for serving.

My thermometer was off about 5 dg so it came out more medium than medium rare but the roast came out very moist because it was cooked slowly with lower heat and very flavorful from the garlic that had been cooked inside it.



Since I have been working nights I have been unable to create meals to share with you.  My wife is doing most of the cooking for herself and on my days off I try to make something I can share.

I have decided to send out my newsletter once a month, more frequently if possible – depending on my schedule.

You can also check my facebook page for any last minute recipes I can share.



CK (almost) Famous BBQ Rub

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