Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin



1 – Pork Tenderloin (about 2 lbs.)

8 – Slices Pepper Bacon

½ Cup Cream Cheese (softened)

1 Small Can Diced Hot Green Peppers


Salt and Pepper


Butterfly the pork tenderloin and spread it on your cutting board.  Place a sheet of plastic wrap over it and using a mallet to pound it until it is uniform and about ½” thick.

Salt and pepper this side of the meat and spread an even layer of cream cheese and then a layer of the diced chilies.

Place the bacon on the board perpendicular to you and then place fileted pork loin on it.

Starting at the side closest to you tightly roll it all up. At this point you might want wrap it all up with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator to firm up.

When ready to use remove the plastic wrap and insert toothpicks to hold it together and place it on a cooking rack on a small foil lined sheet pan and drizzle with honey.

Place the pan in a pre-heated oven at 250 dg. for about an hour, or until it reaches 145 dg.  During the last 10 minutes turn on the broiler to crisp up the bacon.

Remove it from the oven and let the loin rest for about 10 minutes and then slice it into medallions. I served it over sautéed spinach.

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